Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Branding / Responsive Web Mobile Designs

Client: Great Circle Productions

Role: Digital Designer, Art Director, Brand & Marketing Designer

The Problem & Solution: How to tell an engaging story about a new NYC performing arts org and their first product (a musical theater play) for promotional & fundraising opportunities? By designing a brand experience about who they are, what they do and show the value of their work to persuade users (45-54 year olds & older) to support them by signing up for e-newsletters, donating on their website, at fundraising events including kickstarter and connecting on social media.

Visuals Presented: Responsive Website: desktop and mobile designs.

Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs



Branding the Org & 1st Show: Created an engaging story about experienced artists and org creating an original play that adds value to the cultural life of NYC. Shown here on the home, team and about pages. (NNGroup: Nonprofits need to clearly explain how & what they do).

Improve Site Accessibility: Designed for middle age users (NEA Survey) with declining vision who need more time to understand pages (NNGroup). Used larger text size (FF Meta Web pro, 18px) with high color contrast: dark text on white background. For desktop viewports: designed text to fit narrow columns to create more white space. For desktop, tablet & mobile: designed accordion UI components to hide, reveal & better organize lengthy content. All these design elements shown here.

Improve Nonprofit Site's Content Usability: Designed content clearly (IA, UX & UI) including easy top navigation, carousel with clear navigation controls, all text links are in red, etc., shown here.

User Flows & Wireframes for Responsive Web/Mobile Designs



Encourage E-News Sign Up & Donating (Support Us page): To fulfill fundraising and customer acquisition business goals, designed user flows and simple wireframes for the Support Us and Sign Up pages shown here. Created clear user links to the Sign Up form and Support Us page on every website page/screen including top and bottom navigations in the final designs.

Branded Marketing Design



Increase Donations: Website launch with Kickstarter Campaign raised $7,147 (pledge goal $5,000) shown here. Live Preview Event raised $12,000.

Customer Acquisition (on-line & off-line): Kickstarter 64 users. Preview Show 140 users. Off-Broadway Show: 292 users.

Email Marketing (E-News shown here): Average open rate 47.6% vs. industry average (Arts & Artists) 21.3%. Click rate: 12.7% vs. Industry average 2.4%.

Visuals Presented: Branded Marketing for Fundraising: Kickstarter event and branded digital e-newsletter for the org and the show.

Branded Design Systems


Role : Digital Designer / Art Director / Brand Designer

Business Research: Interviewed owner/exec. dir. & conducted competitive analysis.

User Research: Identified target audience (NEA Survey), website usability, accessibility for middle age & older users & nonprofit sites' usability (NN Group).

Developed & Designed: UX, UI, IA & wireframes for responsive website. Design systems created for all touch points on-line & off-line.

Developed Content Strategy with Team

Selected Web Tech (CMS, Bootstrap) with remote programmers.

Project Managed: Website built.

QA the Site to ensure the functional components and layout could be read across browsers and devices.

Visuals Presented: Examples of the design systems created for org, 1st product/show, website, etc.

Branded Marketing


Who I Worked With

Business Owner/Artistic/Exec. Dir. and associate dir.

Live Events: Artistic dir., play writer, director & PR. Shown here are the branded marketing materials: designed posters (adapted for digital ads and social media), invites, brochures, etc.

Website Tech (programmers): Recruited, hired and worked with remotely.

Digital & Print Content Creators: Editor/writer, director, PR & videographers.

Production Vendors for digital marketing (Ads, Social Media) & print.

Branded Marketing


Branded Marketing Designer

Visuals Presented: Branded marketing designed to increase customer acquisition and donations: social media marketing (Twitter & Facebook shown here), and branded digital e-newsletter with updates on the show's production and the creatives involved. Photo credits: Folger Shakespeare Library.

Branded Marketing


Branded Marketing Designer

Visuals Presented: To fulfill business goals, designed these fun fundraising giveaways for the Preview Event. These double-sided cabinet cards are inspired by the photographic work of Gurney and Son in 1866. At that time, they were used as personal and professional business cards. They show Edwin Booth (the main character in the show) and his family members. Designed to be the size of baseball trading cards, they became a fun way to learn about the preview show characters. Photo credits: Folger Shakespeare Library.