ECommerce Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Ecommerce Menswear Responsive Web / Mobile Designs

Client: Gray Finn(GF)

Role: Digital Designer & Art Director

The Problem & Solution: There are no U.S. luxury brands designed for larger size men (LSM) with their particular size and fit requirements. LSM are limited to “Big and Tall” men’s stores with little variety/style. Yet, the average American man keeps getting heavier (198 lbs. today vs. 166 lbs. in 1960s). In 4 weeks, designed an ecommerce, Shopify, responsive website for an emerging luxury menswear brand for larger size (2X-4X) men in time for the holiday shopping season. Created an online brand experience that conveys that large size men should be able to wear clothes that "fit right, feel luxurious and look relevant."

Visuals Presented: Responsive Website: desktop and mobile homepage designs.

ECommerce Responsive Web/Mobile Designs



Luxury Brand Look & Feel: Designed a site that looks/sells high quality clothes using beautifully branded, "lifestyle" product photos (modeled by large size men: target users) with complementary product descriptions including the use of quality fabrics as shown here. Created a modern minimalist UI site design (black, white & red colors) with ample white space: hallmark elements of luxury sites. (Competitive analysis & NNGroup)

Designed Informative & Well-Organized Product Pages with clear page & UI design, info hierarchy (photos, name, price, size), as shown here, with consistency across all products including brand language making it then easy to compare info on category & listing pages. (NNGroup)

Demonstrated the fit benefits of buying GF clothes vs. the current market on the "Fit Guide" page. (NNGroup)

Upfront Pre-Order Disclosures: Explained on "Product" and "Pre-order Policy" pages. (NNGroup)

ECommerce Responsive Web/Mobile Designs



Positive Blogger Site Review by promoting Gray Finn luxury brand, fit, etc., for larger size men 2 months after site launch. is a plus size men’s style destination (with 45k monthly visitors and article in the NYT).

Holiday Shopping Deadline: Completed in 4 weeks the design of the ecommerce, Shopify, responsive website in time for holiday shopping.

Branding Language Changes: Site initially designed without it labeling the clothes as "Big & Tall" menswear since these categories are perceived as body negative. Pre-launch, CEO felt the larger size models modeling GF clothes made it obvious it was for larger size men. Post-launch, did a quick guerrilla usability study with some target users to refine brand language adding: a modern-day "large size man.” Also for better online search.

Visuals Presented: review & designed branded visuals showing the experience of being a Gray Finn man.

ECommerce Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Role : Digital Designer / Art Director

Business Research: Interviewed founder & CEO and conducted competitive analysis. McKinsey & Co.: interest in plus-size fashion has tripled since 2016, brands are rapidly responding towards a body positive culture by designing for larger sizes.

User Research: Due to the fast turn around, used CEO's market research to launch site. CEO is a plus-size man who couldn't find quality large size clothes. User is a 30 year old man: black men have the most money to spend, then Hispanic and white.

Developed Content Strategy with CEO: Customized the IA, UI & visual design system to tell the brand and product story.

Selected Tech & Template (Shopify) with CEO: And customized them for brand & user journey.

Project Managed: The site built.

QA The Site: To ensure the functional components and layout could be read across browsers and devices.

Visuals Presented: Category page design, sweaters, desktop & mobile.

ECommerce Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Who I Worked With

Gray Finn Founder & CEO and Production coordinator.

Visuals Presented: Fit guide page, desktop, shows & explains the difference in fit with the current market jacket vs. the Gray Finn jacket specifically designed to fit and flatter a larger size man's body.