Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Branding / Responsive Web Mobile Designs

Client: EDC's Center for Children & Technology

Role: Digital Designer, Art Director & Brand Designer

The Problem & Solution: How should we brand a digital education research program, Playing with Data (PWD), to attract busy middle school science teachers to participate in this NSF-funded study? By designing a brand experience based on simplicity, clarity, usefulness and accessibility, we persuaded teachers to learn more about the study and join.

Visuals Presented: Responsive Website: desktop and mobile designs.

Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs



Logo Design & Brand Experience: In my interviews with the stakeholders, they emphasized the need to show teachers that data is not intimidating. It's easy to use data from students’ digital game play to make decisions about their instruction. So, this logo design uses simple, familiar and colorful geometric shapes (data) that are arranged in a playful pattern that is easy to comprehend. Shown here are the logo on the desktop and mobile designs.

Content Strategy: Team collaboration led to telling a clear/simple story to persuade teachers to join. The homepage UI image slider design shows happy photos of teachers and students learning together with captions explaining the study, its usefulness and partners. A large blue CTA, "Contact Us," button appears in the header, middle of the page and the footer and links to a simple/short form page.

Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Research / IA / UI / Wireframe sketches

Visuals Presented: Designed research interview questions for stakeholders and wireframes of the homepage design including the main UI design component, the image slider, CTA button, etc., shown here.

Branding & Responsive Web/Mobile Designs


Solution : Contact Us Form Designs

Visuals Presented: Designs of the desktop/mobile versions of the “contact us” form page/screen: main way for teachers (users) to get more info about the study and join. To address the needs of busy teachers on the go, the form length is short, clear and mobile friendly.